Our history

Welcome to the website of LARRIEU FRÈRES manufacturer of nets in bordeaux. Company founded in 1622 an in the same family since this time. Specialized in custom-made nets for all uses (aviary, fishing, hunting, protection etc...)..

The company was founded in 1622 by Baptiste GUIGNAN a former a soldier who learn to make nets during the siege of La Rochelle.

He moved to Bordeaux and began to produce fishing and hunting nets.

Over the centuries, GUIGNAN succeeded each other at the head of the company until 1895 when Anne-Henriette GUIGNAN, last of the name, married Emile LARRIEU.

The company took the name LARRIEU then LARRIEU FRERES (id brothers) and continue to produce fishing nets, hunting nets but also bird netting and protection nets for building, industry, agriculture and sport.

The company remains in the hands of the LARRIEU family, direct descendant of the founder Baptiste GUIGNAN.




GUIGNAN Guillaume (1733-1818)

Business almanac of Bordeaux (1781)

Almanach 1Almanach 2

GUIGNAN Pierre (1764-1852)

Busines almanac of Boreaux (1819) 

Almanach 3Almanach 4

GUIGNAN Jean-Charles (1801-1853)

Population census of Bordeaux, street Ayres (1861)

Almanach 5

GUIGNAN Jean-Alcide (1831-1888)

Study about Gironde with reference to the GUIGNAN factory in Sainte Terre (1874)

Population census of Bordeaux, street Ayres (1881)

Almanach 6Almanach 7Almanach 8

GUIGNAN Anne Louise (1873-1936) maried to LARRIEU Noël Emile (1870-1917)

Almanach 9

LARRIEU Louis (1903-1986)

Almanach 10

Jean-Louis LARRIEU and his sons Edouard and Nicolas

Almanach 11